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Can your business website be seen from the internet in China?

Chinese businesses often state that they want to trade with international business. The problem is locating potential trading partners. Their starting point, like the rest the world, is a search on the internet. This is hampered from the outset as international internet site; website, social media, video platforms, etc, often cannot be seen correctly in the Chinese search engines.

Access to China internet site page testing tool enables your business to see the performance of your internet site from inside China.

Why use our internet content testing tools?

Slow response in China

Most internet site test tools only test to see if your business domain can be seen from mainland China in the form of a simple “ping test”. A “ping test” is like poking your internet site to see if it exists.

All a “ping test” determines is whether your internet site IP address is not blocked in China. It does not start to explain your internet site performance on the Chinese internet or if parts of your internet site content are blocked.

This testing process helps you understand which parts of your business can be seen over the Chinese internet and the response times. The reality is that most international sites take over 20 seconds to load and due to international social media & Google content being blocked or slowed down which leaves your internet site not working / missing components or not work at all.

This testing tool report shows you how each of part of internet site content performance. Your internet site content performance is measured in how the internet see your business.

This testing process was created from open source software developed original by ALO and enhanced by Google.

In keeping with open source principles and Access to China policy to share information, the use of this testing tool and supporting information to help correct issues is free to use.

In you need help reviewing and correcting your internet content’s visibility in China please do not hesitate to get in contact:

Slow response in China

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Fixing web page slow response time
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A few steps to help you get started

1Start your website page test
Chinese website testing
a) Enter the URL for the page you wish to test:

this can be www, just the domain name, IP address or http / https. Any format that you currently use to access your web page.

b) Select the test location:

if you have not tested your web page before we recommend that you baseline the web page on location outside Asia. Any problem shown in the Asia region can be identified as an existing problem or new problem introduced when accessing the web page from China / Asia.

You will see that we offer testing from UK. If you wish to use a different location in the world for ‘baseline’ testing; please see

c) Select browser:

In China Chrome is the most widely used.

d) Press start.

Test runs takes up to 10 minutes. Once the test will complete and you return to the results in the "Test History"..

If you want to run more than one test, go back to the home page and start another once your original test has begun. The first test first will remain in the queue and will be processed as and when resources are available.

There is more than one test agent running on each network in China, so the wait should not be too long.

2Review test results
Once internet content page has been tested three times, you will see results like this:-
Website test results
(a) The average time over three tests it has taken to show first response in the user browser.
(b) The average time over three tests it has taken to load the full website page.
(c) The time it has taken to load the full website page content for each of the three tests.
(d) For tests where you have selected Chrome or Opera browser the website response time components are graded.
(e) Waterfall chart showing all the components of your website page and their individual response time. If you are new to internet Waterfall reports please see .
(f) An image of the website page as seen from the test location.


3Make corrections
Make changes to your website when response times are slow and/or missing. For ideas on changes that maybe required please see:


4Re-run test.
Retest website pages as required and confirm any changes have been successful.
We do recommend rerunning the test after each change you make to your web content to make sure that the change has worked in the Asia region and not to your exiting services.
  • - In China; to make sure the change was successfully.
  • - Baseline; to make sure you have not changed your exiting web page look and feel or functionality.



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